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Adult Preventive Care

Preventive dental care with regular cleaning and exams is the foundation of good dental and overall health.

Our practice goal is to help you achieve optimal health and an unforgettable smile by providing you a full range of general dental care, state-of-the-art technology, education and prevention techniques. Our General Preventive Care Services include:

  • Comprehensive examinations and prophylactic cleanings
  • Early-detection oral cancer screening
  • Advanced technology Digital dental radiographs and intra-oral cameras for increased precision and safety
  • Gingivitis (gum) and periodontitis (periodontal) early disease diagnosis and therapy
  • Root planing and scaling
  • Fluoride treatments and Sealants
  • Nightguards for bruxism
  • Home care products with instructions for proper brushing and flossing

Adult Restorative and Reconstructive Care

Restorative and reconstructive dentistry is devoted to repairing or replacing teeth that have been damaged or lost. It includes, and we can offer, everything from composite dental fillings, porcelain and gold crowns or "caps", inlays and onlays, root canal treatments (endodontics) to save your natural teeth, oral surgery (tooth extraction for non-restorable teeth, impacted teeth, or in preparation for orthodontics), restoration of dental implants, fixed bridgework, bonding, and full, and partial dentures for replacing missing teeth.