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Children's teeth need regular dental cleaning and examinations to prevent future problems. Good oral hygiene, to prevent early childhood decay (cavities) and gum disease, can be taught at a very young age. Our doctors typically recommend that children start normal hygiene visits when they are three years old. You should have them visit earlier if you notice any swellings, discolorations or abnormality with your child's teeth or gums. At these first visits, your child will have a thorough "friendly" examination, may have their teeth cleaned or radiographed, and receive instructions on how to clean and brush their teeth properly. Treatment planning and scheduling frequency will vary according to the findings on exams and your child's needs. As your child gets older, our dentists may recommend sealants and fluoride treatments, orthodontics and mouthguards as preventive measures. We can schedule separate children's appointments or "family day" visits back to back for your convenience.

Resources for you and your child: